Press and Media Coverage

Feb 2010     Mint & The Wall Street Journal, India
Nov 2008    Imperia Magazine, HDFC Bank, India
Dec 2008    The Times of India, Mumbai India
Nov 2008    Mid-day, Mumbai, India
Oct 2007     Sunday Times, Bangalore, India
Oct 2007     The Hindu, Bangalore, India
Oct 2007     The Express, Bangalore, India
Aug 2007     Fyens Stiftidende, Denmark
Jul 2007      Democrat and Chronicle, Op-Ed, New York
Jul 2006      Democrat and Chronicle, New York
Oct 2006     HER Magazine, Democrat and Chronicle, New York
Jun 2006     DesiLit Magazine, Inaugural Issue
Apr 2006     The Times of India, Bangalore, India
Apr 2006     Deccan Herald, Bangalore, India
Nov 2005     Goa Plus (Times of India, Economic Times), Panaji, India
Nov 2005     Goan Observer, Panaji, India
Sep 2004     India West, California
Sep 2004     India West, California
May 2004     Fortune India Magazine, India
May 2004     Deccan Herald, Bangalore, India
May 2004     The New Indian Express, India
May 2004     The Asian Age, India
May 2004     The Times of India, India
Nov 2003     Deccan Herald, India
Mar 2002     The Times of India, India
Apr 1999      The Asian Age, Bangalore, India
Apr 1999      The Times of India, Bangalore, India
Jul 1994       Inside Outside Magazine, India
Jul 2007      Interview with R News, Channel 9, Rochester, New York
Jun 2006     Interview with Neeta Bhasin, iTV Gold, New York City
May 2005    Interview with Post Television Network, San Francisco
May 2005    Interview with The Anjali Show - San Francisco